WHERE TO BUY Cryptocurrencies IN 2017: THE EASY GUIDE ON HOW TO BUY Cryptocurrency

Financial experts are calling it the future of money, and early investors are reaping the rewards.

You’ve seen all the headlines about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rising in value. Then there are articles about people who bought $5 of Bitcoin only 7 years ago, that have now made over $4 Million. In addition, financial leaders such as Richard Branson, who are already invested heavily in Bitcoin, are adding to statements from major investors such as Wence Casares – all expecting the price of 1 bitcoin to rise as high as $1M by 2030. Maybe you’ve also considered getting in on the game, but where do you even start? Have no fear, we cleared through the confusion, passed the complications, and got to where you probably want to be. Here’s the shortcut on how you can invest in Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency with a credit card - today.

Cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin were once accessible only to technology experts who were using their software programming abilities to perform time-consuming actions like cryptocurrency “mining.” These early adopters were also the ones who later built the first “cryptocurrency exchanges,” in order to exchange the cryptocurrencies they were mining for cash.

The problem with these exchanges is that they are still overwhelmed by the rapid growth of requests from new users, and as a result suffer many shortcomings. Firstly, they are not designed for high capacity, so in order to get approved, you need to be on a long “waiting list,” which can sometimes take months. That means you will never buy at the price you see today, and many times it will be too late. Secondly, they lack proper customer support, so most of the time there is no one to talk to in case you have technical issues, or you simply need to talk with an agent about withdrawing your cryptocurrency as cash. And lastly, and most important, they lack imperative security features and proper regulation, so if they suddenly disappear with your cash, there’s virtually nothing you can do about it.

For the reasons above, up until just recently, buying Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, was the sole domain of the brave, the tech Savvy, and, well, the reckless.

Is there a safe and easy way to invest in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies?

Bloomberg interview. “Cryptocurrency is the answer.” Source:

The already-established financial industry saw the growing need for cryptocurrencies and answered the call. Reputable brokers took it upon themselves to provide an all-in-one service for buying and selling CFD contracts in the cryptocurrency market. By opening an account with a broker, people could immediately invest in cryptocurrencies for as little as $250 using their credit card or even PayPal account.

This means you can buy cryptocurrencies at the price you want to invest (without any waiting period), with full encryption. You’ll have 24/7 support agents who are able to help you if you have any difficulties, or when you want to withdraw your cryptocurrency as cash.

Investing in cryptocurrency through a broker, aside from being a convenient and affordable solution, has other advantages too. Much like with a bank, you get an account specified in your name, which is monitored by the latest security encryption methods. Unlike with exchanges, brokers provide email and Chat services with 24/7 customer support. With a broker, there’s always someone waiting to answer questions, and they are just a click away. Brokers also provide immediate access to your cryptocurrencies anytime anywhere. No waiting time for buy or sell. Everything is instant, as it should be.

Experts predict a single Bitcoin will be worth $500,000 by the year 2030.

Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, which are normally not very reliable, a regulated broker has a physical office populated by real employees. They are accountable, and they are closely monitored by the local financial conduct authority at all times. You can be sure that a broker will adhere to rules and regulations in order to keep its operating license and reputation intact – meaning, unlike the exchanges, you always have someone to talk to in case you encounter any issue (if any at all).

Furthermore, you and your funds will always be protected, since brokers keep client funds separated from company assets, as per regulatory requirement. They are even required to have insurance to cover all investment funds, giving clients an added piece of mind that no other cryptocurrency service can boast. There has never been such a safe and easy way to get cryptocurrency.

How can you get started?

The exciting world of cryptocurrency is still growing, and now available to you and just a few clicks away. You can easily join the cryptocurrency community today without any technical experience. Get in early on the most volatile and lucrative market the world has ever seen.

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Ralph Gaines

posted on 26/09/2017

Ralph Gaines is an online financial consultant specializing in international currency trading and cryptocurrency investments. He is always looking for new perspectives and opportunities, and he's ready to help others capitalize on them.